o1 i love paper[s]

i'm happy

to have started this project. have been using the internet as a networking tool for half of my life, but seldom as a way to express myself. going to give this a shot! just going to write simply, and not have too many expectations.

so why despapiers?

it all started in 2003, during the peak of my mild obsession with japanese animation. i had become estranged from my group of friends due to my reclusive behavior (which i've now learned was a combo of mental illness and introversion), and used the silly and colorful world of manga, online forum communities, and writing to cope.

adult swim aired dubbed anime films every once and a while, and on the nights that i couldn't sleep, would turn on the tv until popeye came on. (about 4/5am!)  i was feeling particularly sad one night and a character appeared on the screen, kind of shy, disheveled, surrounded by books. so relatable!

 yumiko readman, private agent, paper wizard and dysfunctional adult.

yumiko readman, private agent, paper wizard and dysfunctional adult.

i'd like to say that paper holds some deep meaning to me, but really it's simple:

most of the creative things that i enjoy doing require me to use paper as a medium, and it's a pretty universal word. i still take notes by hand, still read print newspaper/books. something about that scent i guess.

anyway, it's nice to meet you! my first post will probably be the most organic/un-edited. see you next time!